Helping Families Produce and Source Food at Scale

Helping Families Produce and Source Food at Scale

Helping Families Produce and Source Food at Scale

Food Journal Template

The Food Journal template is for capturing the current state (what you eat today). This may seem like a step you can skip, afterall don't you already know what you eat? But don't skip it. You will be suprised at what you eat and the frequency with which you eat it.

Also, when we start thinking about target state it will be helpful to have a good size sample from which to draw inspiration.

Food Journal Template Instructions


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How to Complete the Template

1-[Data:] This is the Journal date when this Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks were consumed. There should be one Journal page per day.

2-[Count:] This is the current number in the series for this Journal sample. Example: if you are Journaling for 30 days and this is day 7 then count would be 7. Tomorrow would be 8 and so on until you reach 30.

3-[Main:] - This is what would be considered the main entree of the meal. If there are multiple main entrees (special diets) then list both.

4-[Beverages:] This is the beverage list that was served for this meal. There can be more than one. i.e. Orange Juice, Coffee and Water.

5-[Desert:] This is the dessert that was served with this meal. Not every meal will have a dessert.

6-[Sides:] This is a list of all the sides that were served at this meal.

7-[Notes:] Each meal has a place to add notes, if applicable.

8-[Rating] Each meal can be given up to 5 stars. The more stars the more likely this meal is to be repeated.

9- Repeat 3-8 for Lunch

10- Repeat 3-8 for Dinner

11-[Snacks:] List of snacks consumed in the AM, Mid Morning, Mid Afternoon and PM. As welll as a place to record notes, if applicable.

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